Away from it All
Away from it All

Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar


Madagascar is a country that occupies a large island of the same name, located in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the world. 5% of all known animal and plant species can be found here, and here alone. The remarkable fauna and flora is matched by epic landscapes of an incredible diversity. You can go from rainforest to desert in just 300km. Few places on earth offer such an intense kaleidoscope of nature. Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island and its roads are dismal. There are national parks that only see 100 visitors a year, regions that live in autarchy during the rainy season and resorts so remote you’ll need a private plane or boat to get there.


Among the islets of the exquisite Mitsio Archipelago in the north western part of  Madagascar





By Air

Fly to St-Denis Réunion Island or fly to Antananarivo

By Sea

90-minute speedboat ride from Antananarivo

Recommended stay

4-5 nights

Recommended add-ons

Réunion Island, Kenya

Best time to visit

The best time to travel  is April and October/November. It is usually on the cooler side between May to October. However, one must beware of the occasional freezing showers that could make the place excessively cold and windy


Explore an underwater world as  yet largely undiscovered. Be among the first to seek out its hidden depths and gems. Discover stunning coral reefs and beautiful sponge gardens teeming with vibrant marine life. Diving into the sea Our diving team at the AKIO Diving Centre offers a range of PADI courses.


Discover the stunning variety of reefs and sea life in the Mitsio. Mask, flippers and snorkel  are at your disposal for the duration of your stay.

The luxurious castaway experience at the newly refurbished Constance Tsarabanjina is a celebration of the body and the soul. Walk through unexplored tropical forests or dive into waters teeming with reefs that have never been dived in before a trip to Tsarabanjina is like a journey along the footsteps of Robinson Crusoe softened with a few extra comforts and the luxury of Constance Hotels & Resorts.

The laid back, barefoot elegance of this intimate eco-friendly resort set on its own secluded island off the coast of Madagascar is embellished with unique biodiversity; beautiful, spacious rosewood, palm-thatched villas on the island’s secluded beaches; and the latest spa treatments in the massage room. This is an indulgence the good life looks for.

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