Away from it All
Away from it All

Llao Llao Hotel & Resort Golf Spa Bariloche, Argentina


Diverse and year-round tourism possibilities are a distinguishing feature that’s a result of a singular geography that ranges from the subtropical forest in the northern border to the icy  Antarctica in the farthest south. In a country that preserves a strong aboriginal  presence throughout its Northern region, its colonial past in Córdoba and the Northwestern region, outstanding vineyards surrounded by the high mountain tops in the Cuyo area, its gaucho tradition and impressive ranches in the vast, fertile humid Pampa plains, its history and culture in the vital, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, one often finds himself spoilt for choice.


Is the playground of all sports played in Argentina, apart from the country’s most famous football. The town looks up to a soaring mountain range which beckons skiers, snowboarders and all  lovers of winter sports. In summer, hiking and fishing are enjoyed with equal fervour. The city’s alpine architecture of hardwood and unique stone flavours its streets as deliciously as the tempting chocolate displayed in almost every window. Bariloche prides itself as Argentina’s chocolate capital.


Between the Nahuel Huapi and Moreno lakes




Northern Patagonia

Nearest city

San Carlos de Bariloche

By Air

Fly to San Carlos de Bariloche

By Road

45-minute drive from the city of San Carlos de Bariloche

Recommended stay

4-5 nights

Recommended add-ons

Buenos Aires

Best time to visit

Every season here has something special to offer. Winter brings to you skiing, whereas fall and spring will treat you to memorable treks. The summer is particularly enticing for fishing enthusiasts

Museum of Patagonia

Experience “Stuffed” native wildlife, pictures, and a great section covering the indigenous
pre-Hispanic inhabitants of the region.

Cerro Tronador

Visit the black glacier (ventisquero negro), see the Cerro Tronador and a waterfall over an overhanging cliff named Saltillo de las Nalcas, near the village of Pampa Linda. A two-hour long bus ride will leave you with a splendid 7 km trek up to the sights.

Historical Steam Train

Live a slice of history. Embark on a full-day journey into the steppe, riding a 1912’s railway, which has been rebuilt keeping its original features. Depart in the morning from San Carlos de Bariloche railway station, arriving at Perito Moreno-Los Juncos  railway station, watching the beautiful landscape of the area surrounding the Nahuel Huapi Lake. Follow it up with a journey through the Patagonian steppe and two short guided walks of Los Juncos Lake and Elephant Hill.


The suites in this impressive French building are inspired by the warmth of the scenery, creating cozy and luminous spaces for you to unwind.Every room opens to an intoxicating view of the lake and its changing colour of light. Llao Llao is far from modern madness and offers a kind of serenity that you need for those vital introspections, conversations and relaxation. The 18-hole Golf course invites the expert players as well as the tyros.

The resort features a modern spa, wonderful views of the lakes, a heated indoor as well as outdoor swimming pool, a health club, and a fitness center bustling with a wide range of body care options. If serenity is what you are looking for, this is where you will find it unperturbed.

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