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Mind, Body & Soul

The Samaya Seminyak Bali, Indonesia


Indonesia is a sultry kaleidoscope that runs along the equator f or 5000km. From the western tip of Sumatra to the eastern edge of  Papua, this nation defies  homogenisation. It is a land of so many cultures, people, animals, customs, plants, features, artworks and foods. Among the most well known islands are Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, the Maluku Islands and Papua.


This famed island of the Gods is the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda islands, between Java and Lombok. At Bali you will discover enough to refresh your senses from world class surfing and diving, to a large number of cultural, historical and archaeological attractions, and an enormous range of accommodations, as this is one of the world’s most popular island destinations


At the beach front of famous Seminyak Beach.




South East Asia

By Air

Fly to Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport.

By Road

A 20 minute drive from the airport.

Recommended stay

4-5 nights

Recommended add-ons


Best time to visit

November through February is generally when the better, drier, cooler weather prevails. The hottest time is March to June, with temperatures skyrocketing to 97 degrees F. Wet monsoon rains fall from June to October, making it difficult to dive, surf, hike or sunbathe.


With the ocean as backdrop, the breeze as symphony, give yourself to the Balinese and other Asian treatments inspired by the ocean at the Spa at The Samaya and experience a feeling that is uplifting yet intimate and comforting.


Breathe, stretch and relax to find balance in your body, mind and spirit on the beachfront sundeck that doubles as  yoga studio Classes held every Monday, Wednesday and  Saturday are complimentary and lead by experienced local instructors.

Feel the calm seclusion take over your senses as you enter your elegantly appointed villa which is situated within two hectares of tropical gardens offering unparalleled bliss. Experience The Samaya’s Balinese hospitality coupled with a spectacular beachfront location. Enjoy an unparalleled level of service, privacy and security at The Samaya Seminyak. You may find yourself, leaving your heart behind at the larger Royal Courtyard Villas with a sizeable lap pool.

Indulge in a luxurious serenity at the spa in this tranquil Balinese village environment. The aptly named al fresco restaurant Breeze allows you to savour some fine cuisine paired with splendid wines on an attractive deck as you take in the beauty of the sea. Discover the same divinity and peace that e veryone who has ever visited has found at the Samaya Seminyak.

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