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Vivanta by Taj – Bekal, Kerala, India

From soaring snow mountains of the far north to the steamy sun-washed beaches, India’s dramtic terrain is breathtaking. Along with abundant natural beauties, exquisitely carved temples rise majestically out of pancakeflat deserts and old fotresses peer over plunging ravines. Aficionados of the great outdoors can scout for big jungle cats on wildlife safaris, paddle in the shimmering waters of one of many beautiful beaches, take blood pumping treks high in the Himalaya, or simply inhale pine-scented air on meditative forest walks.

Bekal is a small town on the eastern shore of Kerala state of South India. Giant keyhole shaped fort, the golden expanse of a beautiful beach surrounding the fort, backwaters, hill destinations and water sport facilities are nearby. Bekal is a significant tourism spot that has several prominent features. The place is far-famed for its scenic beauty that grabs the attention of the visitors from several different places.

80 kms drive from Mangalore airport and 15 kms drive from Kasaragod railway station.



Nearest City 

By Air
The nearest airports to Bekal are Mangalore or Kozikhode.

By Road
Approx. 1.5 hrs drive from Mangalore and 3 hrs drive from Kozhikode.

Recommended Stay 
3 nights

Recommended add-ons
Kozhikode, Mangalore

Best time to visit
Bekal is at its best during winters with temperatures ranging from 220c – 290c dry weather. It is ideal for outings and sightseeing. Recommended time to travel is  October – March.

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Vivanta by Taj – Bekal is one of Kerala’s best kept secrets till date. Just like a game of hide and seek, you will discover some of the most amazing pleasures and experiences life has to offer. Seek style and you will find it in the 71 laterite lined villas and rooms which are inspired by the design of Kettuvallam house boats and reflect Chitra Pothi art on the walls. Seek pleasure and you will find it in the individual courtyard spaces, the private plunge pools and the Jiva Grande Spa. Seek the backwaters and you will find it running across the property as seamlessly as the Kappil beach shoreline touches the manicured lawns and landscaped gardens. You may want to seek adventure, which you will find in boating, rowing, kayaking, fishing, trekking or packing a picnic basket to spice plantations and
historic forts. If it’s a romantic escape that you seek, we’ll help you find it in many times over in amorous locations where you can delightfully dine on our menu of love. Seek the nouvelle restaurants, the high energy bar, and the sprawling spa.

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