Oceans' Alive
Oceans' Alive

Classic Antarctica Silversea Cruises


Tucked away at the southernmost area of the Earth, Antarctica is one of the world’s coldest, driest, and windiest continents. The extreme weather allows no human  population to inhabit, yet it is the ultimate paradise. A place unlike anywhere else on earth where unique nature and wildlife species exist from Snowy sheathbills, gentoo & chinstrap penguins and Minke whales Experience Antarctica with an expedition cruise and discover a frosted wilderness of glistening white as far as the eye can see. Natural ice sculptures like enormous works of avant-garde art, in fact thrive despite the harsh climate. An Antarctic cruise will bring you through the wonders of this surreal landscape …….the modern explorer’s final frontier


Ushuaia, Argentina is the home port for cruises to Antarctica




South Pole

Cruise Port

Ushuiaa ( Argentina )

Recommended stay

11 Day Cruising

Recommended add-ons


By Air

Fly via Buenos Aires to Ushuaia.

By Road

20 Minutes to the Cruise Port at Ushuaia

Best Time to Visit

The austral summer, from November to March, with its endless daylight renders the exploration unique

Silversea’s Antarctic expedition cruise can be life-changing. See in person the mysterious land frosted with glistening white wilderness,along with iceberg and sculptures meticulously done by mother nature.Observe seals sunbathing on ice  floes, hear the cries of penguins and feel the magnificence of whales surfacing from the icy sea.There will never be a dull moment onboard Silver Explorer as every day is filled with exciting adventures. You can stroll on deck, or attend an interesting lecture or worksops from an enticing array of topics like photography or the environment, even how to make a perfect martini. What sets an expedition cruise apart is the outstanding team of naturalists, who are experts in their fields, will fill  adventurers in with everything they have to know -from conservation, history, geology to culture of the destination. Silverseas’s Antarctic expedition cruises come in a wealth of itineraries all year round, with cruise days ranging from 10 to 18. Embarking and disembarking in Argentina, bringing adventures to different parts of Antarctica, catering to their different needs for the most astounding experience— the hallmark of Silversea Cruises.


In a Big World -The Enormous Advantage of Small Along with landmark destinations, Silverseas luxury cruise ships call at smaller harbours inaccessible to larger ships.


A  purpose-built expedition cruise ship, with the intimate onboard ambience of a private yacht. Designed specifically for navigating waters in some of the world’s most remote  destinations, including both of earth’s polar regions. The 6,072-ton vessel boasts a strengthened hull, enables Silver Explorer to safely push through ice floes with ease, allowing guest to visit the least visited sites. Awesome camaraderie onboard with discerning world-travellers; Special amenities including all ocean-view accommodation many with private verandas and butler service for all suites . Superb culinary offering both regional selections and dishes inspired by Relais & Châteaux. Fine wines and spirits served en suite and throughout the ship — hardly what you would expect on expedition ships. A  spacious library with an Internet café, boutique shopping, a full-service spa, beauty salon, fitness centre, live evening entertainment and two top-deck whirlpools. The Silver  Explorer even features The Humidor where connoisseurs can enjoy the finest cigars and cognacs — a diversion offered by no other expedition ship.


Days  Port
Day 1  Ushuaia, Argentina
Day 2  Cruising the Drake Passage
Day 3  Cruising the Drake Passage
Day 4  Cruising Antarctica
Day 5  Cruising Antarctica
Day 6  Cruising Antarctica
Day 7  Cruising Antarctica
Day 8  Cruising Antarctica
Day 9  Cruising the Drake Passage
Day 10  Cruising the Drake Passage
Day 11  Ushuaia, Argentina

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