Safari in Style
Safari in Style

Baghvan, Pench National Park – A Taj Safari Lodge, India

From soaring snow mountains of the far north to the steamy sun-washed beaches, India’s dramtic terrain is breathtaking. Along with abundant natural beauties, exquisitely carved temples rise majestically out of pancakeflat deserts and old fotresses peer over plunging ravines. Aficionados of the great outdoors can scout for big jungle cats on wildlife safaris, paddle in the shimmering waters of one of many beautiful beaches, take blood pumping treks high in the Himalaya, or simply inhale pine-scented air on meditative forest walks.

Pench National Park
Situated in the Seoni District of southern Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park runs in continuation with neighbouring Maharashtra. Pench National Park is dominated by hills, forests and valleys; it derives its name from the Pench River, which meanders its way through the entire stretch of the 757 kms park. Kala Pahar, the park’s highest hill, reaches 650 m. above sea level.

Located near Nagpur.



Nearest City

By Air
Fly direct into Nagpur from Mumbai followed by 2.5 hrs drive. By Road: 2.5 hrs drive from Nagpur & 4.5 hrs drive from Jabalpur (approx.).

Recommended Stay
3 nights

Recommended add-ons
Nagpur, Jabalpur

Best time to visit
April – June is warmer, however game sightings are good. Lodges are not operational between 1st July – 15th October, as the national parks are closed due to monsoons. Recommended time to travel is October – March when game viewing is at best.

Visit to Alikatta elephant camp: Make a stop at the village called Alikatta – which finds mention in the jungle book, and is now a camp for Park elephants and their mahouts. You can catch these gentle giants in the evenings or mornings, as they queue up for their special ‘roti’. Each roti weighing a kg!

Baghvan is aptly named after one of India’s iconic symbols, the Bengal tiger (bagh – tiger and van – forest). Pronounced ‘baaghvun’, this enchanting lodge is located on the edge of Pench National Park, a dry deciduous forest of predominantly teak trees and meandering jungle streams. Located by a lovely stream, surrounded by forest and a mere 10 mins drive to the park’s entrance, you step deep into the heart of the Indian jungle. Roam the jungle in search of tigers and other elusive creatures. Listen intently for the distinctive call of the eagles or one of the 300 other species that may fascinate you. Take daily walks and drives with skilled naturalists or simply enjoy a lazy afternoon at the lodge. Its spacious, rustic standalone suites and airy guest areas make a  wondrous starting point for your journey into the wild. This is just a taste of the excitement which awaits you at Baghvan, a Taj Safari Lodge!

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