Safari in Style
Safari in Style

Mahua Kothi, Bandhavgarh National Park – A Taj Safari Lodge, India

From soaring snow mountains of the far north to
the steamy sun-washed beaches, India’s dramtic terrain
is breathtaking. Along with abundant natural beauties,
exquisitely carved temples rise majestically out of pancakeflat
deserts and old fotresses peer over plunging ravines.
Aficionados of the great outdoors can scout for big jungle
cats on wildlife safaris, paddle in the shimmering waters of
one of many beautiful beaches, take blood pumping treks
high in the Himalaya, or simply inhale pine-scented air on
meditative forest walks.

Bandhavgarh boasts a staggering variety of trees and foliage, with almost half the park’s area covered  with fine trees. The top of the hills are carpeted with mixed forests, while beautiful stretches of bamboo and grasslands spread across the north. Bandhavgarh is known across the world for its dense big cat population. But there’s much more to see besides the tigers and leopards. Chital (spotted deer), sambar deer, dhole, nilgai, wild boar, chinkara, sloth bear, rhesus macaque, black faced langur, jungle cat, hyena, porcupine, jackal, fox and wild dog also inhabit these forests.

Situated near Khajuraho (230 km) and Jabalpur (190 km), as well as Kanha tiger reserve (230 km).



Nearest City

By Air
Fly into Khajuraho or Jabalpur.

By Road
Drive from Jabalpur (approx. 4 hrs) & from Khajuraho (approx. 6 hrs).

Recommended Stay
3 nights

Recommended add-ons
Khajuraho, Jabalpur

Best time to visit
Tropical weather with hot and humid days during summer (April – June). Heavy rainfall during the monsoon season (mid June – September). Lodges are not operational between 1st July – 15th October, as the national parks are closed due to
monsoons. Recommended time to travel is October – November when game viewing is at its best.

Safari and Wildlife viewing
The heart of the Mahua Kothi experience is the interpretive safari and wildlife excursions brought to the lodge by the expertise of conservation specialists, and beyond. Taj Safari guides undergo an intensive 14 – 20 week training programme, the first of its kind in India. As a result, these expert naturalists are able to provide wildlife enthusiasts and adventure travellers with distinctive, interpretive wildlife experiences in India which are based on a proven and sustainable eco-tourism model. Their sharp understanding of the jungle seasons and animal behaviour truly makes for a memorable Safari experience.

Nestled in the vicinity of the breathtaking Bandhavgarh National Park is the first of the Taj Safari Lodges. The name Mahua Kothi draws its inspiration from one of India’s most beautiful trees, the Madhuca Indica, or as it is commonly known, the Mahua or butter tree. The twelve charming suites or Kutiyas (jungle village huts) are newly built in the 40 acre grounds of the renowned tented camp formerly known as Churhat Kothi. Its luscious off-white flowers take entre-stage in many Indian festive rituals, and here, at Mahua Kothi, it is at the centre of many a unique and delightful experience. The accommodation and facilities of the lodge blend charmingly into the quaint and rustic surroundings. Mahua Kothi promises an experience that is unconventional, focused on guests’ individual needs and emotions, sophistication and innovation.

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