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Safari in Style

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Canada is encased by the world’s longest coastline and has a great diversity in its people, its landscape, its climate, and its way of life. More than 50% of Canada’s land is blanketed with rich forest ranges, accounting for 10% of the world’s remaining forests and 20% of the world’s remaining wilderness areas. Canada shares four of the five Great Lakes, the largest sources of fresh water in the world

Port Hardy
Port Hardy is the last bastion of civilization in the remote and wild north end of Vancouver Island. The town has a fascinating blue-collar history and a bright green ecotourist future as it evolves into one of North America’s best as-yet undiscovered outdoor adventure destinations. The natural ingredients are all here: fishing, hiking, worldclass scuba diving, and serious quantities of wildlife in coastal waters and wilderness parks for great viewing.

Set at the foothills of Mount Stephens along the Great Bear Rainforest coastline of British Columbia


British Columbia

Nearest City
Port Hardy

By Air
Fly from Vancouver (approx. 1 hr) followed by a helicopter or floatplane ride (approx. 20 mins).

Recommended Stay
3 nights

Recommended add-ons

Best time to visit
The temperatures vary from 220c – 250c during summers. Recommended time to travel is May – October.

Heli-Fly Fishing
This adventure is for the experienced fly-fisher person as well as those who want to learn. Your helicopter stays with you all day and provides access to 50,000 square miles of terrain, including over 50 isolated rivers and streams. With Nimmo Bay Heli-Fly Fishing, you’ll always be where the fish are. Before you head out on your fly fishing adventure, we invite you to take part in a personal fly fishing lesson off the dock.

Helicopter Adventure
This adventure is for people of all ages who are looking to explore 50,000 square miles of extraordinary wilderness with their own helicopter. Your guide will take you to 10,000-year old glaciers, mountain tops, old growth forests, white sandy beaches, waterfalls, pristine lakes, remote islands, hot springs, isolated rivers, and cultural museums. At each location you may find yourself heli-hiking, swimming, rafting, drifting, fishing,  learning, playing, taking photos, or wildlife viewing. This adventure is tailored to the specific desires of each group, and the possibilities are truly endless.

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is an intimate family owned and operated resort located in the middle of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. This is the resort that pioneered heli-fishing on the coast of British Columbia, yet it provides down to earth wilderness experiences that bring guests remarkably close to nature. offering outstanding cuisine, a range of outdoor experiences with all the comforts of a luxurious wilderness retreat. Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is an exclusive fly-fishing and wilderness adventure destination. It is a mecca for anglers, mariners and adventurers alike. Built in harmony with nature, half of the resort is floating in the peaceful bay, while the other half is grounded on a small out-cropping of land. Running through the centre of the resort is a magnificent waterfall. Daily wilderness and helicopter adventures give guests access to 50,000 square miles of untouched wilderness. Nimmo Bay Resort is accessible only by air or water. It’s a truly remote experience and getting here is part of the adventure.

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