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Mira Flores Park Hotel Lima, Peru


Peru is South America’s third largest country, covering 1,285,215 sq. km., divided into   three distinct geographic regions. Peru offers a rich buffet of exquisite scenery, captivating cultures and all sorts of exhilarating activities, whether you are into physical exertion or  spiritual insight. On its western border, picturesque beaches stretch along the Pacific Ocean; and to the east, the majestic national parks and wild jungles spread from South to North. Nesteled between the coast and the jungle, stand the magnificent Andes Mountain, which are believed to be the spine of country.


A sprawling desert city clinging precariously to dusty cliffs,Lima spends much of the year marinated in a perpetual fog that turns the sky to the colour of Styrofoam. Here you’ll find
pre-Columbian temples sitting silently amid condominium high-rises. Vestiges of colonial mansions proudly display lavish,Moorish-style balconies. Miraflores,situated on the coast, is a suburb or barrio of Lima.  Miraflores is known as Ciudad Heroica or the Heroic city.Here history and tradition sits side-by-side with the city’s important commercial and financial centres.


In the fashionable Miraflores district




Western South America

Nearest City


By Air

Fly to Jorge Chavez International Airport

By Road

40-minute drive from Jorge Chavez International Airport

Recommended stay

4-5 nights

Recommended add-ons

Machu Pichhu

Best time to visit

Though it does not rain in this coastal arid region, Lima is plagued by a thick, gray fog called the garua that hangs constantly over the city from June to December. From December to April, when the sun is out and shining, is the best time to visit Lima.

Lima Shopping at Larcomar or Jockey Plaza, plus Miraflores Market

On this  private tour, you’ll be driven in a private vehicle to one of the city’s two best  shopping centers – Larcomar and Jockey Plaza – and then browse through local goods at the Miraflores handicrafts market. Nazca Lines Air Tour and Ballestas Islands

Full-Day Trip from Lima

Visit the famous Ballestas Islands where you’ll have  the opportunity to observe the sea lions and birds in their natural habitat prior to continuing south to  Ica. Then, board a small Cesna aircraft for a scenic air tour over the enigmatic Nazca Lines for an aerial experience of a lifetime

This chic hotel in the stylish Miraflores area of town enjoys a sensational location beside the Pacific Ocean. While surrounded by some of the city’s most fashionable shopping and dining streets, it is also convenient for Lima’s old colonial and business districts, with an array of grand churches and fascinating museums showcasing Inca treasures.

Miraflores Park hotel is, indeed, surrounded by a park and its glass face reflects its striking ocean views. It is an elegant European-style boutique hotel, quite suitable for travellers who prioritize leisure over everything else.

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